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 TBD America CNG fueling station services

About this practice

Our team of professionals has the functional expertise and deep industry knowledge to plan, design and build CNG fueling stations for small to large-sized public and private fleet operators using light- to heavy-duty vehicles.
Our services address the full range of natural gas vehicle and fueling issues, including:

Consulting services – Sizing and designing compressed natural gas fueling stations, vehicle assessments and technical assistance for fleets, CNG fueling station troubleshooting, natural gas vehicles maintenance facilities upgrades, liquefied natural gas fleet and fueling management.

Project management – our professions have the technical experience and understanding of the operation of CNG Fueling Stations. Whether the station is a smaller Design/Build project, a large transit facility requiring detailed design and on-going support, or a Design/Build/Operate/Maintain fuel supply contract, TBD will ensure the success of your project.

Training – CNG Fuel System Safety Inspection Training, NGV Driver & Mechanic Safety Training, LNG Driver & Mechanic Safety Training, CNG Fueling Station Operation & Maintenance Certification, and CNG Fueling Station Sizing & Design.
We are committed to helping our clients demystify the planning process to ensure they make the right decision. Design considerations include:

CNG fleet development calculator
TBD developed a user-friendly CNG Fleet Development Calculator to provide clients with a convenient tool to make an intelligent GO NO-GO decision whether to build a CNG Fueling Station and/or to convert vehicles to run on natural gas.

TBD's calculator provides vehicle or fleet owners a first order approximation whether it makes financial sense to consider converting any number of vehicles to run on CNG as well as building a CNG Fueling Station. The estimate does not take into consideration any financial information such as cost of capital, IRR, EBITA, cash flow, etc.

The dashboard is separated into an upper gray "Owner Information" section and a lower light blue "Calculated Values" section. All "Owner Information" boxes allow users to input data. All "Calculated Value" boxed are locked to prevent users from overwriting embedded formulas.
Click on this image to launch calculator.

CNG station design considerations
Fill time • Quantity of fuel required initially• Quantity of fuel required as the fleet grows

Station types

Time fill • Cascade fast fill • Buffer fast fill

Station options

Offsite • Onsite with private access only • Onsite with public access

Owner-operations options

Fleet owns and operates the station • Fleet operator owns/leases station but contracts out operations for a fee • Fleet outsources station O/O&M entirely via an independent fuel provider

Station design considerations

How much fuel in how much time - fuel vs. time • Available back-up fueling (redundancy) • Metering • Funding availability

Station cost considerations

Land purchase • Legal Site development • Permitting • Construction cost • Fueling equipment needs and costs

What we do

Interested in building a CNG fueling facility your fleet, TBD’s and its partner have the solution.

Though a CNG station may seem like a large investment, a CNG system designed and constructed by our partner can actually lower fuel costs for fleets, while providing the convenience of on-site fueling. With on-site CNG fueling, your costs for the equipment and ongoing maintenance are fixed for the entire contract term, so you can forecast your fueling costs with certainty.

When it comes to designing and constructing a new CNG station, our partner has everything covered. During our fleet assessment, we gather information about your CNG fueling needs – including everything from how many vehicles will be fueled and how much fuel they use to the ideal fueling pattern for the fleet. Using this information, we are able to design a cost-effective CNG station that maximizes the efficiency of your operations.

After the initial design process, we handle all aspects of each CNG station's development. In addition to undertaking any necessary design changes, we size the equipment, prepare the site layout and obtain all necessary building and safety permits; all while working directly with the gas and electric utilities and even coordinating new utility service where necessary.

Our partner is a licensed construction contractor and we typically work with well-qualified local construction companies to handle most on-site work. All of our projects are supervised by a team of professionals with years of experience handling CNG fueling infrastructure and high-pressure construction.