TBD America, Inc.

Concept 2 Market 

Our success formula takes
something that exists in our client's
imagination and help forge it into a physical existence
that directly influences their bottom line in a positive way.

 TBD America turns creativity into reality
Turning creativity into reality
Today's market dynamics demand the use of innovation to gain a competitive edge. As a result, our clients are under pressure to integrate their creativity with successful business strategy. The
key to our client service is our seamless integration of creativity, development and commercialization into a proven process that delivers superior products ahead of the competition.

Ideation • Development • Commercialization


ideas outside the assigned space

coordinate three sub-processes: dreamer, realist and critic

definition and redefinition



integrate R&D, engineering, manufacturing, marketing, and management at project startup

product / technology considerations

define realistic objectives

set limits - assets, resources and time

ensure means available equal that required

weigh potential benefits against likely costs

coordinate development plan

blitzkrieg development process

develop market

produce goods or services

deliver products or services for sale

IP protection

test market introduction

scale-up production

What we do

To help clients address key challenges in today’s rapidly evolving energy and fuels industries, TBD America provides services backed by a global network of resources, information and experience. Our practice has specialists based in key business locations around the world, acting as a single network. In each location, TBD’s professionals can offer front-line, practical and in-depth, experience in the shale gas (up-, mid- and downstream), natural gas, CNG, energy-from-waste, wastewater, and renewable energy industries. We also draw on our global network of Energy & Natural Resources practitioners to provide clients with immediate access to the latest industry knowledge, skills, resources and technical developments.

With effective communications tools, we work closely with all levels, from trainees and staff to C-level management and boards of directors, we can share observations and insights through customized training programs, implement new technology and ideas, and discuss issues that are critical to clients’ management agendas. This global network also produces regular surveys and commentary on key issues affecting the sector, business trends, changes in regulations and the commercial, risk and financial challenges of doing business.

Our approach is one of being constructive and proactive. As a company we feel it is our responsibility to ensure that we maximize transparency around the flow of information. We enable staff to learn and experience responsibility.  TBD’s professionals make themselves available to solve problems, mentor, and answer questions on a timely basis. We remain close to any situation to ensure proper action and keep client well informed in a 360° direction.  Our team tends to move things forward by gaining consensus on issues that impeded action by leveraging decisions when necessary.