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Hydraulic Fracturing Production Improvement

Oil and Natural Gas Drilled and Fractured Wells

Natural Gas Consulting 

Natural Gas Consulting

The complexity of hydraulic fracturing of oil and gas wells, in many cases, results in lower than expected production rate. While the fracturing service provider helps solve such problems, their job is essentially done and possibly reluctant to point potential error(s) in their frac job. This necessitates a dedicated, independent and impartial 3rd party analysis by a group, such as TBD’s, that specialize in solving fracing and other well stimulation problems for oil and gas exploration and production companies.
Our Services
Services provided by TBD America help our clients optimize both their time and money to promote more efficient projects. We provide the following services:
  • Complicated Oil and Gas Reservoir Simulation
  • Reservoir Characterization
  • Enhance Oil Recovery Design and Consulting Services
  • Water Shutoff/Profile Modification Design and Optimization
  • Hydraulic Fracturing, Aciding Design and Evaluation
  • Geological and Oil Production Services

About this practice

We use advanced technologies to provide smarter, optimized solutions for oil/gas reservoir studies, enhance oil recovery and environmental problems to increase our client productivity and clean the environment.

Our very experienced, multi-disciplined and cross-disciplined team of experts have the specialties in the following areas: comprehensive reservoir studies including water/polymer flooding optimization, reservoir management improvement; EOR/IOR technologies and know-how including 3D predominated channeling zone (PCZ) identification, water shut-off and profile modification design and optimization; comprehensive reservoir stimulation (CRS), which is beyond any single well stimulation approach and is a much more cost-effective and sustainable oil recovery. We bring all our expertise with us when we work for any of your projects, and make your field more productive. Our superior hydraulic fracturing fluid systems including super guar, CMHPG and LGC systems make hydraulic fracturing jobs run more smoothly and more productively.

We supplies innovated technologies and products to the oil and natural gas production and related water treatment industry worldwide. Our field proven products and technologies will serve your need and bring your considerable value added to your projects and your corporation.

For a mature field, we have helped a lot of clients to identify the predominant channeling zone (PCZ), which is very critical step for reservoir management, to increase oil production and reduce watercut considerably, without spending a lot of money doing the field works and monitoring. This cutting edge technologies and expertise will bring oilfield operators huge value-add to their resources because the final oil-in-place recovery ratio will increase within definite time.