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Whether it's advising our clients on their
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Leaders across multiple energy, fuels, and water treatment industries
Excellence in execution and performance can make or break an organization's ability to grow and prosper. From ideation to commercialization, we are committed to assisting our clients build their organization and gain a competitive edge for today and tomorrow.

The key to success is knowing an industry inside and out. Organizations need a roadmap to profitability and a long-term perspective of the technology, product, customer, competition, and environment to compete and grow. We apply our depth and breadth experience and wisdom, to ensure our clients' success.

Industry Practices

Technology TransferHydro-Fracturing Produced Water Treatment

Shale Gas ProductionShale Gas
 Production Improvement



CNG Vehicles, CNG Fueling Stations
CNG Vehicles
CNG Fueling Stations

Renewable Energy Consulting
Renewable Energy

About this practice
We work with our clients across a broad spectrum of industries to ask the right questions, provide insights, establish strategies and tactics, deliver results, and achieve their goals. A brief synopsis of each industry is given below.

Shale Gas: The process of getting natural gas out of the ground, and to its final destination to is a complicated one, consisting of exploration, extraction, production, transport, storage, distribution and marketing. Our shale gas team focuses on the drilling process, and how natural gas is brought from its underground reservoirs to the surface. We make it easy for small to midsize onshore O&G operators obtain innovative techniques that both decrease the cost and increase the efficiency of drilling for natural gas by horizontal drilling and hydraulic fracturing. Our full range of services ensures effective transfer of shale gas extraction technologies such as onsite startup assistance and equipment leasing options to licensing agreements. We have been invited to speak on shale gas at a major upcoming shale gas conference in South Africa.
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Hydraulic Fracturing Production Improvement:  We are an international provider of consulting services for oil/gas E&P and wastewater treatment arenas. We use advanced technologies to provide smarter, optimized solutions for oil/gas reservoir studies, enhance oil recovery and environmental problems to increase our client productivity and clean the environment.
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Renewable Energy: We support developers across the sector, including solar, wind, biomass and unconventional hydropower. Our primary objective is to help developers deliver value and a bankable project. Through our strong network of private and institutional investors and M&A experience, we serve as a conduit to bring together the necessary resources for project construction. We set overall strategic direction and tactical plans in key areas such as land control, permitting, engineering and construction, interconnection, power purchase agreements and renewable energy certificates. Our services can extend to 3rd parties interested in operating and maintaining the renewable energy power generation station. Additionally, members of our team have served as senior executives with solar and wind energy technology companies.
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Produced Water Treatment:
Our experience with produced water from coalbeds and flowback water from shale gas spans many decades. Our project roster includes operators, water treatment and water management companies, and equipment manufacturers throughout the world. We bring frontline experience and deep industry knowledge in wastewater treatment that adds value to our clients. We assist Oil, Gas and Mining Operators to implement the most cost effective and environmentally friendly method for handling produced water by eliminating surface discharged water. If you arelooking to reduce the cost of managing produced water and looking for regulatory and environmentally friendly solutions for hydraulic fracturing and CBM produced water and water management the choice is TBD America, a technology business development consulting group.
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Energy-from-Waste: Projects are complex and may be controversial. Acceptance of waste conversation facilities incorporating innovative, safe and environmentally clean technologies for energy production depends largely on public views about the quality of project management, construction, and facility operation. Our people help clients win the decision journey with a primary objective to help waste-to-energy service providers deliver value and a bankable project.  We serve to identify communities interested in lowering their cost of waste management and reducing the impact of landfills as well as sourcing land for facility construction and establishing cooperative agreements with the generation of electricity and/or fuels such as diesel. Our services include technology assessment, technology selection, land lease agreement with provisions to finance, construct, operate, and maintain. We have assessed technologies for major institutions and secured government backed loan guarantees for development companies.
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CNG Vehicle Conversion and Fueling Stations: While there is a vast array of clean energy technologies that claim to be a wise investment, lower expenses and support our national goal of energy security, few if any technologies other than natural gas can meet these requirements, today. Natural gas is clean, affordable and abundant in the U.S. It can save dollars, has a lower carbon footprint than liquid petroleum, is clean with near zero emissions, reduces greenhouse gas emission, and serves as a bridge to ultimately cleaner fuels for residential, commercial and industrial uses.

We provide clients with an unparalleled choice of strategic and tactical advisory services, uniquely linked with a depth and breadth of industrial and commercial insight.From filing grant applications and converting vehicles to run on CNG to constructing CNG refueling stations, we offer superior service across the transportation industry. We work with upstream services providers and downstream customer to ask the right questions, provide insights, and deliver results. Our team helps our clients exploit the window of opportunity that exists in the natural gas industry for use of natural gas as a fuel for vehicles.

In addition to the asset portion of the industry, we developed sophisticated software to determine savings and ROI. Our team has worked with major oil and gas companies to develop the CNG refueling infrastructure.  We have contributed to and been cited in newspapers and industry recognized publications.
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Desertification: Desertification is a process of "land degradation" in arid, semi-arid and dry sub-humid areas resulting from various factors, including climatic variations and human activities, is declared one of the greatest problems facing the world today.  TBD has assembled a world class team of energy, water and environmental experts to establish the initial plans to combat desertification in a coordinated effort between technology partners and government agencies from industrialized, newly industrialized and developing nations.
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Sustainability and Energy Efficiency:
Energy conservation and sustainability have become a global priority of extreme interest and intense effort. Energy savings is no longer only a smart practice but a necessity for companies wanting to improve earrings, compete worldwide and reduce overhead expenses. We work with our clients in all aspects of energy efficiency practices related to facilities and operations. Our team can identify carbon foot print and oversee the installation of energy savings projects. We offer a full range of services from project management and energy audits to engineering design-build and construction management.
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Chemicals & Plastics:
Chemical and plastics products are the building blocks of a modern economy. The chemicals and plastics industry provides essential materials to many other sectors, including automotive, healthcare and pharmaceuticals, education and information technology, packaging, construction and consumer appliances. Their product and process innovations make a substantial and continuing contribution to the quality of life enjoyed.

Our team is dedicated to turning inventions in the chemicals and plastics industry into commercial products for society’s use and benefit. We focus on making these technologies commercially viable -- and desirable -- in the marketplace. We assist our clients in R&D, FDA, medical device and regulatory approvals, market development, manufacturing and optimizing intellectual property rights. Our proven experience in developing entirely new industries from novel chemicals and plastics as well as bringing related products through concept, development to commercialization provides the framework to deliver the right product at the right time, quality and cost.