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Natural Gas Consulting 

Natural Gas Consulting

When you look at the natural gas industry, you find an invisible link that keeps it running efficiently. This link lies buried in sites, for every country, that relies on natural gas as a source of energy. This unseen - and unheralded - agent is, what’s known as “underground natural gas storage.” Storage underpins the natural gas industry from production to pipelines to end-users.

Sufficient midstream natural gas assets, such as gathering systems, processing plants, transmission pipelines, storage fields, and liquefied natural gas (LNG) import terminals, are crucial for an efficient natural gas market. Insufficient natural gas infrastructure can lead to price volatility, reduced economic growth, and reduced delivery of natural gas to consumers who value it most.

Gas storage facilities help maintains the natural gas transmission and distribution system’s reliability and its capability to transport gas supplies efficiently without interruption to balance the seasonal and peak demand swings of gas end-users and as insurance against unforeseen supply disruptions.

Our expertise

TBD’s marriage of natural gas storage technologies with in-depth market expertise provides our clients with dedicated, objective strategy and consulting services to make the right decision. Our expertise and insights, developed through assisting industry stakeholders, gives us a rich understanding of the dynamic nature and complexities of a demanding industry, The next effect for our clients is significant understanding of the capital costs and cash flow, and hence, the economic attractiveness of storage.

team of industry experts use their development and industry knowledge to ensure our clients overcome the challenges of a managing capital costs and cash flow, which depend on the physical characteristics and capabilities of a particular storage field, the services to be provided and to a lesser extent, regulatory regimes.

We have the foundation to help our client’s navigate through the complexities of a growing market, in the areas of
  • Depleted oil and gas reservoirs - the big daddy of underground gas storage
  • Aquifers - the choice of last resort occurs most often when no depleted reservoirs or salt beds are nearby
  • Salt caverns - the quick turnaround artists and the hot trend in underground gas storage
  • Abandoned hard rock formations - the recycled granite container of storage
  • Lined rock caverns - the underground steel and concrete lined storage tank
  • Hydrates - the solid research technology of storage
  • Liquified Natural Gas (LNG) - the volumetric energy efficient aboveground thermos bottle
  • Tank Farms - the common aboveground trading tool.

About this practice 

TBD offers consulting services across a broad range of underground and aboveground natural gas storage facilities. We have an unparalleled depth and breadth of functional experience that benefits our clients through every stage of their project from conception to operation.

We work with producers, local distribution companies and stakeholders to meet their supply commitments more effectively by better managing the development, operations and maintenance of storage facilities. We do this with flexible valuation models designed to consider the geological, operational, economic and environmental impacts that could jeopardize achieving forecasted requirements.

We help clients’ formulate centralized action plans to provide clients with storage solutions tailored to their specific business challenges and the opportunities presented by a dynamic market and competitive changes.

We consider success in the natural gas storage space a two-fold matter. Success for our client is measured in terms of making an immediate and positive long-term impact on the bottom line. Success for their customers is measured in terms of providing the lowest cost product when needed.