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Produced Water Treatment 

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Whether it's produced water from
shale gas, CBM or mining operations; there
exist many societal, political and corporate challenges
to properly manage the wastewater for a multitude of public
health, safety, environmental protection, and solvency reasons.

TBD America's DNA is forged in helping our clients navigate the complexities of managing produced water from shale gas and oil production, coalbed methane extraction, and mining operations.


About this practice

We assist Oil, Gas and Mining Operators to implement the most cost effective and environmentally friendly method for handling produced water by eliminating surface discharged water. 
If you are looking to reduce the cost of managing produced water and looking for regulatory and environmentally friendly solutions for hydraulic fracturing and CBM produced water and water management the choice is TBD America.

Our expertise

Our experience with produced water from coalbeds and flowback water from shale gas spans many decades. Our project roster includes operators, water treatment and water management companies, and equipment manufacturers throughout the world. We bring frontline experience and deep industry knowledge in wastewater treatment that adds value to our clients.

What drives improvements in water quality?

Society advances by finding better ways to harness water and energy.  Emerging civilizations use water to generate energy. Developed civilizations use energy to distribute water and improve its quality. With few exceptions, energy and water are inextricably linked – more power requires more water and cleaner water requires more energy. Improvement of energy and water resources resonates between environmental economics and policy.

From an improvement standpoint, is water and energy treated differently? Differently from the perspective ways and means to improve quality, where energy providers strives for cleaner and more efficient and reliable sources and water strives to distribute cleaner supplies for agricultural and human consumption.  Where way and means include investment, grants and regulations. While cost is ultimate driver to achieve these goals, governments tends to take a different approach to improve power and water resources. 

Water remediation is a complex subject in terms of scope, variability and its immediacy. This is underscored by the countless tens of billions of dollars spent and hundreds of billions of dollars needed to support, sustain and improve the water we drink and use. If the rhetoric and data can be believed, water quality improvements may have peeked some years ago and now taking a dip. It appears the more surface water we assess the more we find it not so good.

The proof is seeing how a change can be made!

It is a matter of caring for our environment and for our own health. There many good reasons why keeping our water clean is an important priority to people, the planet and profits.
defining proven cost-effective solutions, we help our clients in the oil, gas and coal mining industries implement the most profitable and environmentally friendly method for managing and treating produced water.