TBD America, Inc.

Product Development 

Many companies have an orthodox
set of beliefs about how product development
should be managed from concept to market. We use
new innovative methods that reduce development time
to provide superior products ahead of the competition.

 TBD Amrica Product Development consulting
Our expertise
TBD's greatest strength is the ability to provide bottom line results while leveraging key equities, values, technologies, and investments of partners and clients to maximize ROI and extend those relationships to new and future opportunities. Our team is adept at developing the strategic foundation of a business’ potential, designing the subordinating tactical plans of action, and managing the execution of various cross-functional teams to ensure the full opportunity is realized.

What we do
Assess new technologies and patents
Identify, develop and deliver products and solutions
Improve development efficiency
Improve market competitive advantage
Manage project initiatives through all life-cycle phases
Establish specifications and standards
Integrate the development, engineering, production, sales and marketing activities of new offerings
Develop strategies, tactic and technological concepts and products
Orchestrate significant product development offerings to include enhancements and sustaining activities
Develop staff and oversee development and sustaining teams
Coordinate diverse engineering functions (process, electrical, mechanical, software)
Negotiate new product commercialization agreements; ensure schedules and milestones are maintained
Conceive solutions, build consensus, and sell/execute solutions
Evaluate and approve subcontracting, vendor and technical source selection
Recommend courses of action to improve cost effectiveness and competitiveness
Monitor industry future directions as it applies to business needs and projects
About this practice
Success in the marketplace requires an executable product development strategy and a precise fast track development process. The key to our client service is our seamless integration of strategy with development—on a product or service scale.
A product development strategy provides the framework to orient a company's development projects as well as its development process. There is no one right strategy for a company. The strategy takes into account the company's capabilities (strengths, weaknesses and core competencies), the competition's capabilities (strengths, weaknesses, core competencies and strategy), market needs and opportunities, goals, and financial resources.
As a starting point to develop a product development strategy, we help our clients determine their primary strategic orientation. The client must recognize that it cannot be all things to all people and that it must focus on what will distinguish it in the market place.

We follow a Blitzkrieg Commercialization Strategy because it cuts development time in half and gets you there with less cost and at the desired quality. Our clients benefit by using the most efficient, lowest cost and highest quality development process. The accelerated development process along with its tools substantially reduces time-to-market while improving productivity, quality and costs. At the end of the day, our clients achieve a significant advantage by launching superior products ahead of the competition.