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Strategic planning is concerned about the overall direction of the business. It is concerned with marketing, of course. But it also involves decision-making about production and operations, finance, human resource management and other business issues. We work closely with our clients to set the direction of their business and create its shape so that the products and services it provides meet the overall business objectives. 

Our team draws on a reservoir of first-hand knowledge combined with sophisticated analytical skills and strategic insights to help our clients plan for the future. We approach engagements pragmatically and with an open mind, and excel at engagements that require analytical rigor against tight time frames. Our strategic planning model is dynamic and continuous.
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Very simply put, strategic planning identifies where the organization wants to be at some point in the future and how it is going to get there. The "strategic" part of this planning process is the continual attention to current changes in the organization and its external  environment, and how this affects the future of the organization. Skills in strategic planning are critical to the long-term success of your organization. This form of planning includes:
  • Taking a wide look around at what's going on outside the organization and how it might affect the organization (an environmental scan), and identifying opportunities and threats.
  • Taking a hard look at what's going on inside the organization, including its strengths and weaknesses (perhaps doing a SWOT analysis).
  • Establishing statements of mission, vision and values (some prefer to do that as the first step in planning).
  • Establishing goals to accomplish over the next (usually) three years or so, as a result of what's going on inside and outside the organization.
  • Identifying how those goals will be reached (strategies, objectives, responsibilities and timelines).

Strategic planning determines the overall direction and goals of the organization. Consequently, strategic planning influences numerous aspects of the organization, including what:

  • Products and services will be provided by the business and how those products and services will be designed.
  • Organizational design and roles will be needed by the organization.
  • Performance goals should be established for positions throughout the business.
  • Board committees should be developed (in the case of corporations).
  • Resources will be needed to achieve those goals, and consequently, how much money is needed to procure those resources -- ultimately, the goals determine the content of various budgets.