TBD America, Inc.

Technology Transfer 

We provide our clients with
overall direction and guidance to place
their innovations with commercial partners to
develop into useful products that monetize the technology.

 TBD America Technology Transfer services

Our expertise

Our professionals have years of experience in the process of converting research to practical products. We help our clients find, develop, license, and bring to market your organization’s valuable intellectual property, see following PowerPoint presentations.

TBD's general technology transfer program:
General Technology Transfer »»
Shale gas tech transfer program (PP 2010, .pptx): Shale Gas Technology Transfer »»

Our team provides backbone support and operational engagement with strategic partners. Specifically, we provide the research community the following services:

  • Program management
    • Staffing • Budgeting  Workload issues • Incentives • Communication • Time management

  • Training
    • Best Management Practices • Oversight • Regulations • Operator Qualification • Workforce Certification
    • Safety Emergency Response Plans

  • Marketing
    • Finding partners and investors • Networking and presentations • Internal marketing • Web strategies
    • Branding • Road shows

  • Licensing 
    • Contract provisions and protections • Royalty structures • Performance monitoring • Milestones
    • Sub-licenses • Equity arrangements 

  • Patents
    • Decision-making and prosecution • Enforcement • Litigation • Commercial feasibility
    • Working with outside counsel • Legal developments

  • Start-ups and spin-outs
    • Management and leadership • Governance • Funding

  • Valuation
    • Methods and models • Benchmarks • Comparables • NPVs • Managing expectations

  • Funding
    • Grants • Corporate partners • Venture capital • Angel investors • Corporate partnerships
    • Government funding

  • Legal and regulatory issues
    • Compliance • Assignment • Termination • Informed consent • Disclosure • Confidentiality • Indemnification
    • Warranties

About this practice 

The key to our client service is our seamless integration of technology transfer and research translation experience with diverse industry experience on a global scale. Keeping researchers and industry partners on track to reach their commercialization objectives and goals is our primary responsibility. We can coordinate the development of the technology with organizations of various sizes in all types of industries.

Our team combines hand-on experience in technology monetization and can assist our clients in all arrears of the transfer process necessary to turn their creativity into reality.

We help protect, manage, and license intellectual property, including inventions in the O&G, renewable and sustainable energy, electronics, chemicals & plastics, biomedical, science and physical sciences sectors, copyright-protected materials such as software and images, and tangible research materials.

We ensure full confidentiality and nondisclosure of technologies and business information deemed proprietary throughout the technology transfer process. Our professionals work with a high level of commitment to ethical business practices and client service and are bound by a Code of Ethics.